1. Zeba

From the recording Zeba

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I wrote this song when my son was 4 years-years-old, he came up with the lines about the owls, (listen to catch it!) and he named the song Zeba (pronounced Zay -bah).

Next Alyx joined me with harmonies and helped arrange the song. Then my dearest Chris Micca created some magical guitar and bass parts. Finally Sophia rejoined us, and it became a Copper Wimmin creation!

My hope is that mothers and fathers can learn this song and sing it to their little ones and remember “our beating hearts of gratitude.”

All love and Gratitude,
Sophia &Alyx



The day has gone
and said goodbye
the stars are rising
in the deep blue sky
the Owls who need
no light to see
come out to watch
over you and me

so say goodnight
and close your eyes
for the hours have turned
to dark from light
so lay to rest
everything that’s done
so you may wake up shiny
as the sun

every wish you wish
every prayer you pray
every breath you breathe
in this moment be
with no past to trouble or puzzle you
just a beating heart
of gratitude

Zeba Zeba

goodnight my heart
sweet dreams my love
may all the angels
fly from above
with their wingspans vast
soft downey feathers
sweep up your dreams
oh watch them fly
oh watch them soar
past all the planets
and meteors
oh watch them fly
so high they go
‘til they get right up
to heavens door

- Kiranjot Kaur